Golden West Council
Institute of Management Accountants
Council #4
Serving Hawaii, Northern California, and Northern Nevada



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Who We Are


The Golden West Council is one of twenty-four regional councils within the Institute of Management Accountants. Its purpose is to provide a pool of resources to assist the local IMA Chapter in attaining the objectives of the national and local organizations. Our Council brings together sixteen Chapters in Northern California, Northern Nevada, and Hawaii to participate in activities that may be too large for a Chapter alone to sponsor.

The council activities include participation in and sponsorship of Leadership Training Sessions, Chapter Management Seminars (CMS} for officers and directors, Regional Educational Seminar and Training (REST}, hospitality suites at the Annual International Conference,  social events, and formation of new chapters.

The Council teams with chapter leaders and members  to share successful chapter strategies and experiences that will assist chapter leaders in moving their chapters ahead with a positive direction. Regional Directors are assigned to chapters to provide advice, counsel, and assistance of their respective Chapter.



The Local Chapter

Local Chapters are the basic foundation of IMA. Chapters provide the focus for members to achieve both personal and professional growth in an informal atmosphere.

Professional education programs bring together professionals for opportunities to maintain and enhance their knowledge and competence in management accounting, financial management and other closely related fields. In addition, these meetings help develop close personal relationships between members which can lead to a network of first-class, no-fee consultants who are as near as the telephone.

Board service as a chapter officer and director is a training program to learn management skills while serving the general membership. Officers and directors gain hands-on experience in general management. Supervision, public speaking, sales, and getting things done while leading or participating on a working team.

The interchapter competition stimulates chapters toward promoting the objectives of the IMA and to provide a broad-spectrum of activities and services to members. The competition is credited with having fostered a remarkable esprit de corps and kinship between chapters and individual members. Recognition of individual chapters' achievements is made at the Institute's Annual Conference held each June.

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